York, The North’s Spiritual Capital

York, The North's Spiritual Capital

The City of York can be found in North Yorkshire, England, and you would be missing subtrahend example a great deal if you don't take the time and explore this historical and cultural marvel. Known by many names such as "Capital of the North" and "The Grand Old Duke", this city housed the Roman Ninth Legion when they built a military fortress, which later became the site of the city's foundations. Today, there are still many of the original architecture found around the city, along with many other modern attractions and events.

To get around the city, there are so many ways of transport being offered. First is the river transport where both nearby rivers, namely the Ouse and the Foss, can be used for navigating different areas of the city, or for simple leisure cruises. Road transports include buses and trains to transport you to the major areas of the country, or just around the city itself for sightseeing. There is also a tramway system for local transport.

One of the major sites in York is the York Minster Cathedral, which is found in the city's center. This cathedral is northern Europe's second largest Gothic cathedral, and the walls that enclose it are a popular tourist attraction because it spans the entire length of the cathedral. If you want to walk just a little bit more and see a little bit more, go to what is known as The Shambles, a narrow street where there are many shops, boutiques, and cafes. Originally a butchers' alley, there are still stores which have cured meats and smoked hams lining their shelves or hung outside the shop to advertise the other wares inside. Another well-known tourist street is the Snickelways, which lead to Pavement and Sampson Square - two very popular places to shop and relax.

If you're feeling that telltale rumbling in your tummy, pop into Robert Burrow Atkinson's butchery shop, known as the first shop to create and sell York Ham. This mild-flavored delicacy is lightly smoked and dry-cured, and is very popular among both locals and tourists. Served with Madeira sauce - rich, peppery, and made with Madeira wine - this is a very scrumptious and unforgettable dish!

For the true searcher of gastronomic delights, be sure to be in York in September, when the locals hold the annual York Food and Drink Festival, featuring local and regional cuisine. Locally grown produce and meat are the highlights of this festival, and their wine tasting programs are nothing short of delicious. Take a stroll to a Betty's Caf?Tea Room, and taste their local and rich tea, perfect for a lazy afternoon, or even just to cap off a great meal!

One of the monikers by which York is also known is the "Chocolate City." This is because this is the birthplace of Joseph Rowntree, who was one of the founders of one of the most celebrated brands of chocolates and sweets today. If this name is not familiar to you, this is because the brand goes by another name: Nestle. This confectionery giant is the one responsible for chocolate classics such as Kitkat and Smarties. York is the headquarters for the Nestle Company. Terry, another chocolate manufacturing company, was also located here.

After filling your stomach, it's time to fill your mind! There are many theatres around York, such as the Theatre Royal and the Grand Opera House, both of which are known for staging magnificent plays and opera shows. There are also many amateur companies, such as The Strolling Theatricals and the Riding Lights Theatre Company - two small companies that perform both original and classic plays.

If you're more of a music lover, York also carrier command has something to offer you! Make sure to catch the performances of the Academy of St. Olave's, a chamber orchestra that gives its concerts in St. Olave's Church. Also, the York Early Music Festival is something not to be missed. Here you can watch concerts and competitions among leading musicians and orchestras, and it is done in the National Center for Early Music.

England is known for having the rugby and football fever, and York is no exception! Football matches are played at Kitkat (again with the chocolate!) Crescent, and their team, the York City, has been known to be "giant killers" when it comes to competitions. As for rugby, the York Wasps (formerly known as the York F.C.) is one of the oldest rugby clubs in England, while the newer club, the York City Knights, is the current local favorite. If you're not feeling the fever, there are other sports that are popular in York such as rowing, horse racing, and motorbike rumi racing.

Whatever you're looking for in York, you most certainly will find it in abundance! The locals here are friendly, charming, and proud of their heritage and will most certainly love to share it with you. So don't hesitate to strike up a conversation while cheering for the local sports teams, or over a nice cup of tea; you'll never know what the locals might recommend for the next leg of your adventure!

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