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Tell any Lithuanian just how much you get pleasure from their traditional delicacies and you’ll make sure to earn their respect immediately. You know that feeling when you'll be able to’t discover a reliable web connection or the Wi-Fi in your bar of choice isn’t working? Lithuania is a small however extremely proud nation, with a rich historical past and distinctive traditions.

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When visiting, it’s important travellers understand what the the nation’s residents contemplate to convey authenticity to this part of the Baltics. Just as the French know their wines and the Scottish know their whiskies, we definitely know our beers. As a country with long beer brewing traditions, we are experts in differentiating good beers from the average ones. An old Lithuanian customized is to beat one another with the “verba” branches on a Palm Sunday. The saying goes that one should be hit on the bare legs with the “verba” to stay healthy in the course of the coming 12 months.

Approximately four.9% of the inhabitants are Eastern Orthodox, mainly the Russian minority. Under Article 26 of the Constitution of Lithuania, persons can freely follow a religion of their selecting. Lithuanian, an Indo-European language, closely resembles historic Sanskrit, and is written using the Latin alphabet. It is considered by scholars that the Lithuanian language retained, with the fewest adjustments, many of the components of Proto-Indo-European language.

It makes Lithuanians look impolite and unwelcoming, although, behind this rough facade, we are very friendly people. Many people have never heard of cold beetroot soup or cepelinai, but for Lithuanians, these are the most scrumptious dishes in the world.

Jūra ("The sea") and Miške ("In the forest") were composed to represent Lithuania's panorama. After Čiurlionis's dying, the 2420 Čiurlionis asteroid honors his achievements after being discovered in 1975. Since the Christianization of components of Lithuania proper in 1387 and of Samogitia in 1413, the majority of Lithuanians have been members of the Roman Catholic Church. According to the 2001 census, 79% of Lithuanians are Roman Catholic.

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We love our national group a lot that we both travel along with them to the championships or we collect at cafes or metropolis squares to help our gamers! Even those who reside abroad will at all times find a place to return together and assist the national team.


Lithuania is a rather advanced nation, nevertheless paying by card could be a bit of an issue, as some places, just like the submit workplace (!), don’t settle for them. Like another country, Lithuania has some value seeing architecture. However, what may be shocking are our castles…situated on the coronary heart of the town! You will get used to seeing them surrounded by workplace or apartment buildings proper at the metropolis centre. The majority of Lithuanians are Roman Catholics, but our second and maybe true religion is BASKETBALL!

Various dialects of Lithuanian exist, similar to High Lithuanian (Aukštaitian) and Low Lithuanian . Lithuania's ethnic composition has undergone vital modifications all through historical past. The most vital considered one of these was the extermination of Jews in the course of the Holocaust.

Lithuanians don’t smile…Well, no less than not for no purpose. It might need one thing to do with the dearth agree with of solar or fixed rain and cold, however you'll hardly ever see a person smiling on the street .

Lithuania's art community is famous for Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875–1911). Čiurlionis was a nationally renowned musician and artist in Lithuania. His symphonic compositions, Jūra ("The sea") and Miške ("In the forest"), had been the primary full length pieces from a Lithuanian musician.

Before World War II, roughly 7.5% of Lithuanians have been Jewish, known as Litvaks. Almost all of Lithuania's Jews either have been killed by Nazi Germany or emigrated, and the 2001 census only counted 4007 Jews.

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