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Belarus: Journalist Alena Scharbinskaya Shares The Horrors Of Belarussian Detention Center

"According to various estimates, from 80 to 250 hundreds joined the rally today. Many rallies are collaborating in other cities today as well. According to organizers, greater than zero.5 million are protesting today throughout the country" . "Taoiseach to debate Belarus disaster with EU heads of government". The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki introduced on 14 August an €eleven million fund to assist protesters get visas and settle in Poland. Poland would provide support for Belarusian independent media and non-governmental organisations and scholarships would also be available to Belarusian students in Poland. Independent news web pages (46th most popular website in Belarus) and (Nasha Niva; 58th most popular website in Belarus) had been blocked in Belarus.

According to a publication citing varied police violence victims and witnesses, the detainees were repeatedly overwhelmed and humiliated by the police and, on many occasions, have been refused medical help even when they'd open wounds and traumatic mind injuries. Victims reported that detainees were ordered to do squats and had their legs beaten if they failed to completely adjust to the order. According to a witness, a person suffering from an asthma attack had a foot placed on his throat and threatened to be killed with none adverse penalties for the cops concerned. The detainees' smartphones were taken by the police officers, and if the detainees refused to tell the unlocking password, they have been severely overwhelmed up until they gave the password. According to a witness, a male detainee was undressed by the police and threatened to be raped with a truncheon if he refused to give the unlocking password.

He also famous that no inventorization was carried out throughout detainees' acceptance to the detention heart, which means their personal belongings, together with cash, could have been stolen. Some detainees have been seen to stroll out of Okrestina without their shoes.

"Macron, Merkel provide EU mediation for Belarus election stand-off in concert with Russia". "Belarus' President Lukashenko launches a counteroffensive towards protests in co-ordination with Moscow". "Belarusian ambassador, entire theatre troupe resign as dissent in opposition to president mounts". "Belarus ambassador who sided with protests says Moscow will not ship troops".

On 27 August, round 20 journalists, from each native and international media, had been detained on Freedom Square in Minsk. The journalists had been taken to the Kastrychnitski district police supposedly to verify their identity and accreditation. On 12 August, Belsat journalist Jauhien Merkis was arrested in Gomel whereas covering the protests. Even though he was there as a journalist, the subsequent day, the native court docket sentenced him to fifteen days in jail for "participation in an unauthorized mass event". He was liberated quickly, but on 21 August he was arrested once more and was given 5 days in jail.

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On several events, the detainees' smartphones were taken away and smashed into their heads. The detainees who refused to supply the unlocking passwords, were tortured by tear gas and had their fingers damaged till the password was given. According to the former detainee, round 124 folks were stored in a 30 sq. meters cell, which forced them to remain for up to 24 hours, while they have been refused any water for 15 hours.

In an interview to, a former Okrestina detainee reported that sooner or later an especially violent beating of a woman was heard by way of a complete night. According to him, some people had been dying inside the cells after the violent beatings, whereas all requests for medical assist from their inmates were getting ignored by the Okrestina staff. On uncommon occasions, when medics had been allowed to examine the struggling detainees and asked for permission to move them to hospitals, they have been refused to take action by OMON officers, who said "Let them die".

Thousands Of Women March In Belarus To Protest President

"" Он педагог, интеллектуал". Самому старшему задержанному после выборов seventy three года. Его схватили у школы" ["He's an educator, an mental." The oldest detainee for the reason that election is seventy three. "Belarus hands over 32 of 33 Russian Wagner mercenaries to Russia". "Belarus strongman faces mass protests after jailing of his primary rivals". "Multiple arrests in Belarus rallies following Babariko detention".

The detainees transported to the hospital from the Okrestina detention middle have been diagnosed with closed-head injuries, concussions, and severe head and torso bruises. In some cases, extreme arm fractures have click to find out more been registered, which, according to the medics, seemed as if they'd been made on objective. Some of the hospitalized male detainees had been diagnosed with rectal fractures.

"Lukashenko calls Putin as demonstrators gather once once more in Belarus". A white ribbon was proposed by the election HQ of Tsikhanouskaya as a sign to identify those who wanted to vote for her. "" Повреждения мозга у отца тяжелые, он на ИВЛ". Что с брестчанином, в которого стреляли на протестах" ["Dad's brain harm is extreme, he's on EVL." What in regards to the Brest man who was shot on the protests].

Journalist Ruslan Kulevich from Grodno, arrested on 11 August, was freed on 14 August with fractures of both palms. Sergei Dylevsky, a steel employee on the Minsk Tractor Works who helped take protesters launched from detention to a hospital, recalled that certainly one of them had misplaced a watch after being beaten at the facility. This proof angered Dylevsky and led to his joining the Coordination Council. According to the staff of the Minsk Clinical Emergency Hospital, most of the hospitalized protesters suffered from gunshot wounds and blast injuries, with probably the most extreme cases involving amputations of the traumatized limbs.

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